Everybody Gets What They Want.

eMSR Exchange is more than a platform.

It creates a marketplace for co-issue MSR offerings large and small.

Sellers Get:

  • Higher deal participation and access to more buyers
  • Live pricing during the day; archived pricing after hours
  • Certainty of transparent, best-ex pricing from all participating buyers
  • Trusted sub-servicer partner
  • Maintain constant liquidity for your MSR co-issue sales with no concentration of counter-party risk when certain buyers pull back from the market

Buyers Get:

  • Ability to profile loan attributes with pinpoint precision (geo, special products, etc.)
  • One counterparty while receiving product from 40+ originators
  • Easily receive volume at scale with minimal FTE investment
  • Access to proprietary market data and win/loss analysis
  • Pristine loan-level data and documentation reviews
  • Asset delivery flexibility: delay transfers or leave at sub-servicer

Because eMSR Exchange is powered by Incenter Mortgage Advisors, both buyers and sellers can count on us to make the transfer of assets as smooth as possible. This includes making sure that trailing documents are delivered to the buyer and that both buyer and seller reporting requirements are fully met.

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