eMSR Technology

When sellers are evaluating, pricing, and delivering to the many co-issue execution options available, numerous economic variables must be considered.  Many are difficult to calculate with precision, or are overlooked altogether.  The platform allows clients to choose in real time the most aggressive co-issue execution on a loan-level basis at the time of loan sale to the agencies.  This platform is customized to include the seller’s current execution and other delivery execution options that are available in the market. This platform can also include co-issue execution that can be compared to an internal capitalization of the MSR asset and the servicer’s retained economics.  The platform’s best execution analysis product provides the client with loan-level detail on each execution alternative.

We see the opportunity for Buyer and Seller by becoming more granular in their approach to MSR purchases and sales.  IMA will provide the platform with the tools to benefit both Buyer and Seller, as well as provide our market intelligence and brokerage services as an additional benefit.  The platform is designed to not only increase Buyers and Sellers profitability but also to save analysis time.  Our platform gives Buyer and Seller daily access to utilize our tools allowing sellers the ability to execute on a loan-level basis between Buyer and other co-issue Buyers. Additionally, Buyer and Seller will receive relevant market feedback and direct assistance on how they should negotiate their new deals and renewals.

Pricing Calulator

See real time pricing on a loan-level basis, customized to include the seller’s current execution and other options with our Pricing Calculator. Don’t have an account? Register via the login page or contact us for more information.